Group Photo


Jeremy Mamisao

Jeremy is a multimedia artist specializing in communicative and immersive media, who is in his final year of studies in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology. He will be working with the sound, programming and design of Sensorium. He also specializes in digital video and motion graphics, which he hopes to take full advantage of in exploring and explaining the ideas behind the system.

Julian Giordano

Julian specializes in video, sound, and hardware. For the purpose of this project he will be focusing on research with test subjects and calibrating the data in order to form coherent databases. He is also constructing the code, environments, and the space in which the installation will be operating. He hopes to use his wide range of skills to oversee the grand vision of the project.

Samantha Derochie

Samantha is a technical artist with a passion for entertainment media such as game design, film, and 3D animation in her 5th year in SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology. Using Maya, she will be creating the 3D environments for the project, as well as working with the integration and programming in Unity. In addition, her game design experience will be useful in designing an immersive experience.


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